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In this tutorial, we will be creating a service called Sandbox. The finished code for the Sandbox service can be found in the GitHub OceanDev collection of repos. Here, we will recreate it step by step, including its two resources Note and Comment. We will also set up Ocean deployment and configuration for Sandbox using CloudFormation.

Later, we will use the Sandbox service and its Note and Comment resources in the tutorials for OceanFront. The API for the Sandbox service's Note and Comment resources is described in the Core Services section.

When following this tutorial, make sure you're using the latest version of the ocean-rails gem.

This is the reference documentation for the Sandbox Service. You should take a quick look at it, then move on to the Chapters section below.


  1. Create the Sandbox Service
  2. Create the Note and Comment Resources
  3. Create the Relation between Notes and Comments
  4. Setting up Auth for Sandbox
  5. Setting up Configuration and Deployment for Sandbox

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